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August 18, 2020

As County Commissioner, I will work for the citizens of Indian River in the true spirit of public service.

Raining Questions


My prior work experience, my accomplishments in government here locally in the last five years, and my passion for Indian River County make me the best choice.
People Cheering


I have a great record of working for our Indian River Community. I am an active member in many local organizations, committees and clubs.
Vice-Mayor, Indian River Shores

Indian River Taxpayer's Association Fiscal Conservative of the Year, 2018

Financial Consultant/Member of Alliance for Safe Trains

Indian River County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Endorsement

Rhett Palmer Interview
- June 6, 2020

Vero Beach Cleanup

Building a Better Community

Helping Coastal Connections as a volunteer in cleanups and oyster mat repurposing is just the start.


  • still a priority for Vero Beach City Council, Mayfield's bill gets backing
    “At 110 mph, a high-speed train will cover a 100-yard football field in 1.9 seconds,” said Indian River Shores Vice Mayor Bob Auwaerter. TC Palm Article.
  • By staying neutral they hope to get a Virgin Trains station stop
    testimony in front of Vero Beach City Council asking for the Council to support Senator Debbie Mayfield's SB676 High Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act