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Why I am Running for Indian River County Commissioner

Bob Solari has served our County with dedication and commitment. I thank Bob and Indian River County thanks Bob for his tireless service.

It is truly an honor to have Bob’s endorsement and support as I begin my campaign for County Commissioner.

From the moment when Nancy, my wife of 41 years, and I made Indian River County our home, we found a welcoming community. I asked myself how I could give back to my fellow citizens to make it an even better place to live. I realized that local government has an enormous impact on our lives, much more so than the state and Federal governments that get all the press. I decided to take the knowledge that I had acquired working 36 years in the investment management business, especially municipal finance, to help government provide its services more effectively and cost-efficiently. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and complain. It is a lot more work to roll up one’s sleeves and be part of the solution. As you can see from my list of community involvement and accomplishments in local governments (all without any compensation) I have taken the hard work route. I believe that, when possible, conduct analysis using hard numbers and facts. One of the most powerful things you can take into a government meeting is a spreadsheet.

Two other issues prompted my decision to run. The first is the very real negative impact on our community from Virgin Trains running high speed trains along a narrow corridor where many of our residents live and work. The idea that one set of two tracks can safely handle 110 mph passenger trains, slow freight trains, and slower commuter-type trains is absurd, especially when you throw in the potential for liquified natural gas tankers. Indian River County has 31 at grade crossings that add further safety risks. And Virgin Train’s refusal to adequately fence in their right of way to protect our residents only adds to the problem. I have worked with others in the county to fight this disaster from the beginning. If I am elected Commissioner I will continue the fight that Bob Solari led.

The second issue that prompted me to run are water quality concerns. Two things that attracted us to this county were the Indian River Lagoon and the beautiful beaches. These bodies of water, along with Blue Cypress Lake, are under attack from all directions, whether it be algae blooms, applications of polluting biosolids on farmland, or sewage discharges from overwhelmed water systems. Bob Solari and the Board of County Commissioners have been fighting the good fight on this issue. I will continue it.

Also, as the Vice Chairman of the City of Vero Beach Utilities Commission, I am quite concerned about the reliability of the City of Vero Beach water and sewer infrastructure that serves a good portion of the County’s residents, including many outside of the City. There is nothing more important than getting clean, safe water out of your kitchen tap. I believe that there needs to be a hard look taken at consolidating Vero Beach’s water and sewer system with that of the County. When analyzing the financials of many utilities in my work career, I found large water systems are more efficient than smaller ones due to economies of scale and availability of capital to make necessary improvements and repairs.

In summary, I believe that my prior work experience, my accomplishments in government here locally in the last five years, and my passion for working to make Indian River County the best place to live in Florida make me the right person for Indian River County Commissioner from District 5. As County Commissioner, I will work for the citizens of Indian River in the true spirit of public service.